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HHXG Chain electric hoist repair steps

HHXG Chain electric hoist repair steps

HHXG Chain electric hoist general distance higher ground, first we should build maintenance platform, according to the damage of wire rope and the rope guide, decide whether the demolition, if need to be replaced, will wire rope and wire is the removal of all. And then use the normal spacing L ruler measuring drum and the shell of the drum shell, and depression of minimum distance of R, the maximum diameter of sag is D, on the basis of the above three data, choose high strength member of diameter D, length Q, the request is R < d < L, Q > D, the high strength components in repair physical field generally choose screw more convenient, high strength, choosing the diameter, toothless saw cutting length, screw is ready, the screw is placed in the drum and the casing recess distance edge, to move the HHXG Chain electric hoist control handle button, so that the drum is turned counterclockwise, and gradually to the screw, extrusion screw in torque drum, screw compression shell depression, forcing the depression recovery, when all after recovery, the drum to rotate clockwise, exit screw. Finally, the hook and the rope guide wire rope, installation, debugging a limit to.

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