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the preparation work of HHXG Chain electric hoist maintenance

the preparation work of HHXG Chain electric hoist maintenance

Background: Chain electric hoist HHXG in one plant, the use of 5 years, according to the operating rules of electric hoist, the need to overhaul plant maintenance, but because the repair period is longer, no standby electric hoist, therefore, decided to conduct a spot repair.

The mechanism of the HHXG Chain electric driver hoist are tapered with a braking device since the turn of the motor, its working principle is: electricity conical rotor axial electromagnetic force, to overcome the spring force, running towards the small end of the fan, brake wheel brake ring left rear end cover of the motor brake surface, start-up, operation, work; power, the electromagnetic force disappears, by the action of the spring force, the fan wheel brake return, realize brake.

The conical rotor motor model ZB41-40 capacity of 7.5 kilowatts. Voltage of 380 volts, current 18, fixed 25%. The weight of 103 kg. Insulation grade E, connection Y. The hanging weight of 2-4 tons, often at 2 tons load discharge. Test balance three-phase voltage, network voltage 400 V. The no-load and load current test, the three-phase equilibrium, respectively 5 and 7-9. At the same time, simple measuring winding interphase and on the ground, 500 volt shake table for insulation resistance test were 15000000000000 euro.

Conical rotor motor removing preparation: the Department of high altitude operation discharge equipment, should ensure the safety operation for the purpose of. Should be reliable to cut off the power before repair. Hang the attract sb.'s attention warning sign. The death card driving roller, to prevent rolling. Must choose good driving park position, so that the fixed hanging 0.5 tons of manual hoist, creating favorable conditions for high-altitude operations, provide convenient maintenance. With a diameter of 8 mm for soft wire lifting rope, rope with both ends of the Soka fixed, to prevent slip. The manual hoist, rack, protective measures, after careful check item by item, was safe, reliable, error free, party a detachable. Then carefully successive repair missing.

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