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The problem of industrial chain

The problem of industrial chain

With the development of the world economy, China suspended chain industry full of vigor and vitality, in the development of production, product structure, technology, quality, market development, many changes have taken place in the economic operation and so on, get a lot of new achievements. We see many achievements made at the same time, China's chain industry also has many problems, the brand effect is not enough, high-grade product little, chain for many problems of steel quality is difficult to guarantee etc..

A small, high-grade products, brand effect is not enough

China's current exports nearly fifty percent chain, export quality only hovering in the low, hanging chain even if domestic demand high quality also need to import. China has become the world chain producing country, but most manufacturers are still imported chain. Quality, brand did not affect the atmosphere in the world, is not recognized by the international market.

Two, the chain of raw material quality cannot be guaranteed

The conditions for steel hanging chain industry of our country is poor, basically belongs to the seller's market. Although many enterprises to adopt the choice of pluralism, but is also limited to the price and the specifications, and steel inner quality is difficult to guarantee. With foreign chain made of steel is a steel production plant, according to the requirements, its composition, surface quality and geometry precision can meet the use requirements, provides an effective guarantee for the chain products processing automation. This is also the domestic low-grade, can be exported, and high-grade will need to import reason.

Three, R & D spending enough, technical force is relatively weak

Because the suspension chain industry is a low profit industry, there are few domestic large and medium-sized chain enterprises. It is difficult for enterprises through their own accumulation of funds to implement the introduction of independent development and advanced technology. Only a strong economic strength of enterprises in the aspects of promoting technical innovation and technology go in front, the widening of the gap between enterprises. Therefore, in the fierce market competition environment, the whole industry to upgrade the technology problem is particularly prominent.

1, the high strength lifting hanging chain, chain complete sling;

2, lifting type D ring, Horseshoe Ring, non-standard welding single ring, pear shaped ring, ring. Rigging accessories.

3, mining high strength ring chain, chain wheel, scraper, open type connection ring, zigzag connecting ring such as mining accessories;

4, cement hoist ring chain, sprocket, chain hook, hopper lifting machine fittings, NE type, FU type lifting chain conveyor chain;

5, electric slag dragging machine high intensity ring chain, sprocket, double and the four hole connected ring, zigzag connecting ring;

6 stainless steel ring, hanging chain, sprocket, chain hook, a transmission roller chain, decorative chain, boiler slag, ash machine chain,

7, the ship has files, no gear chain;

8, metallurgy lifting fixture billet slings, ladle crane beam (hook and the four hook), spreader plate;

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